Military Retirement App Reviews

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Awesome app

This is an awsome app to help prepare you for retirement.

Not bad

App allows you to get a general idea of Military Retirement pay, also allows you to create profiles for different options (I.e. See what the pay difference is between 21 vs 24 yrs). So far its pretty cool

Does what it says...a little costly

App does as claims and numbers line up with what I already figured out. One thing missing is dental cost, but this may be that dental is dependent on location.

Fantastic App

This is a great app for anyone planning on retiring from the military at some point in the future. Very helpful, and from my own experience, gives accurate numbers. Fantastic app, definitely worthwhile purchase!!

Works great.

Recommended; good for Sunday evening retirement calculations.

Good App

Pretty good app because it gives an estimated idea covering more than one cost. For example healthcare and SBP.

I want a refund-- useless app

Nothing in the app description said you HAD to have 20+ years of service to use this app. What about those of us being medically retired at 15? Utter waste of money.

Best app ever

Best app ever! Really fantastic job and wonderful tool for retirement planning. You saved me lots of time and answered more than I thought I needed to know! BZ!

Great vet app!

Simply a must have for that next chapter!

Excellent for mil retirees

Straightforward and simple to use, information is accurate and useful. Do wish it had tricare retiree dental program included, but still 5 star usefulness.

Very nice

Simple. Easy to navigate. Straight-forward. Well within tolerances of what I now actually receive (new retiree <3 months). Used this app to tentatively plan and it was a Godsend.


I recommend this app to every military personnel.


Please consider adding two enhancements: 1) A function to allow user to select a federal tax bracket. As your in-app describes, the tax portion can include many variables; however, calculation with user added tax bracket would provide more realistic estimates of net income prior to considering state tax implications. 2) Adding another layer to select a state of residence would also help users in planning, as many states do not tax military retirement income. Knowing which states exempt is very useful information. This is all information I would expect to be calculated for me considering the cost of the app. Nice start, needs more work!

Pretty useful & accurate!

This is the app you dont want to be without. Being in the Military gives you advantages to see your pay through DFAS. Having this app gives you an informed decision about your projected retirement pay. Dont retire without downloading this app.

Missing two key data points

Off by $800 at least Purchased app upon recommendation of other service members. Disappointed tho as two critical pieces of necessary info not considered. pay entry base date (not same as years of service for the % 50-75 of retirement) and months at current rank --if less than 36 that makes a difference

One thing

The calculator does not reflect the updated VA compensation tables.

Great App!

Great source of information!!

Very tight and nicely done

No nonsense and simple to navigate. Information is exactly what I wanted to know perfectly presented. I can compare different scenarios such as staying in a few extra months or whether or not the CSB is a good idea. I like this app enough to write a review for it. A buddy of mine retired and this app was within $6. Really nice work. Thanks for updating VA tables.

Fast, easy, and accurate

The app is easy to navigate, once info is plugged in its fast, and gives an accurate picture of what your retirement pay will look like. Excellent job!

Love it

Easy, simple, accurate idea of what to expect for retirement. Ability to run different rank projections.

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